Virtues and Values Statement (known by the children as our Be Attitudes)

β€˜What we are called to respect in each person is first of all his life, his physical integrity, his dignity and the rights deriving from that dignity, his reputation, his property, his ethnic and cultural identity, his ideas and his political choices. We are therefore called to think, speak and write respectfully of the other, not only in his presence, but always and everywhere, avoiding unfair criticism or defamation.’ (Pope Francis)

As Catholics we desire to follow the teachings of the Gospel revealed through the Church. We look to scripture for revelation from God which will guide us in the way he wants us to live. In the Gospels and our Church tradition we find the person of Jesus, through his teachings and interactions with people, showing us the way to live our lives. The Beatitudes (Matthew 5) encapsulate the values we want to live by and that we would want to nurture and develop in the children in our care:

Pupils understand this as our Be-attitudes, which are:

I will follow Jesus by…

The Be- Attitudes

  • Be generous with your things- let people share them
  • Be helpful to those who need a friend
  • Be caring to those who are sad and lonely
  • Be gentle, patient and kind
  • Be respectful to others and stand up for what is right
  • Be forgiving- don’t hold grudges
  • Be good, polite and helpful
  • Be a peacemaker- help others to make friends or be the first to say sorry
  • Be close to God in prayer and song
  • Be happy and positive
  • You will be blessed and God will be very close to you.